Grid QUALITY EDUCATION Item 1 DISCUSSIONS On Strategies, Methods, and innovations. Item 2 COLABORATION The Six Chapters Collaborate for Quality Enhancement Item 3 COMMON EXAMINATIONS To help children for better preparation for the Board Exams Item 4 COOPERATION Among the schools and chapters Item 5 ANNUAL PRINCIPALS CONFERENCE Empowerment of School Leaders Item 6 HEALTHY COMPETITION Among the schools and chapters CBSE Gulf Sahodaya Sahodaya of CBSE Affiliated Schools in the Gulf





CBSE Gulf Sahodaya

CBSE Gulf Sahodaya promotes co-operation among the member schools, share expertise, publish and circulate educational materials or literature to help in mutual growth  in the true spirit of Sahodaya.

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The Speakers:

Mr. Sangeeth Ibrahim

Ms. Nargish Khambatta 

Dr. Ameya Ghanekar 

Ms. Asilesha Thakur

Dr. Ananya Dasgupta


4-7 Jan 2020, The Lalit, Jaipur

``Together We Can``

The conference theme this year is ``Together We Can`` Sessions by CBSE Officials and Workshops by Resource Persons based on the theme are the main attractions of the 32nd conference.

Message from the Gulf Sahodaya Executive Body

About the collaborative efforts of the schools and chapters of the Gulf Council

"The Council of CBSE Affiliated Schools in the Gulf demonstrates excellent collaboration among the six chapters and all the member schools. The Annual Principals Conferences give a wonderful opportunity for the School Leaders to get together and reflect on the various domains of school education."
Gulf Council is a forum to interact, communicate, collaborate, and to generate knowledge, wisdom, and values.
Gulf Sahodaya is a great association of 174 schools in the gulf which has the potential to do more for our children through collaboration as "our children deserve more ..."
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